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[Max is walking towards Nelle's house. He runs into a friend of his named Mark.]

Mark: Hey Max.

Max: Mark, haven't seen you in a while.

Mark: That's because I was out of town looking into the woods. Guess what I found. [Shows Max  a bag of marijuana leaves.]

Max: What the fuck dude! You can't let anyone see this. You could go to jail.

Mark: [Puts the marijuana bad in his left pocket] Right. Well, when I got back into town I heard Jeff The Killer is in town offing people. Is that true?

Max: Ya, Nelle's job is now all about the guy and what he does in town.

Mark: Who?

Max: Oh right, Nelle is a girl I met a month ago. We're going steady for now.

Mark: Alright, I knew you'd get over Sadie.

Max: No. Don't get me wrong; Nelle is awesome, but..... but......

Mark: Look man, what happened to Sadie wasn't your fault.

Max: I wish that was true.

Mark: Dude, it wasn't.

Max: Look man, I've gotta go to Nelle. I've been worried about her ever sense she was assigned to chase this Jeff guy.

Mark: I hear ya man. You wanna smoke afterwards?

Max: Fucking no! I mean, I don't do that anymore. Not after Sadie.

Mark: Dude, I rented a place in this neighborhood. Adress is 807. I'm here if you ever want to talk.

Max: Right. See you Mark.

[At a hospital, Jamie wakes up in a hospital bed. Detective Louis is as his bedside.]

Louis: Hello.

Jamie: Who the fuck are you? What the fuck is this man?

Louis: Calm down Jamie. Few people know your here or what you saw.

Jamie: What I saw?

Louis: Yes, the pale man with a cut lip and burned eyelids you saw earlier.

Jamie: The fuck? The fuck?

Louis: You were ran over after being stabbed by Jeffrey. Luckily for you that someone was descent enough to drive you to the nearest hospital. I'm impressed the blood loss didn't killed you.

Jamie: Look man, how do know about that ghost guy?

Louis: I have been chasing that ghost guy for quite a while now. I am actually trying to help someone who the [air quotes] "ghost guy" has been after. You only have a moment of peace before press is all over you once the incident at that warehouse is discovered.

Jamie: But, how do you know that?

Louis: I'm a specialist Jamie. It's my job to be beyond the press. I won't be long, I only wish for clues that could help me succeed in capturing the "ghost".

Jamie: Look man, all I know is that the guy was fucking elite or some shit. I mean he took down everyone in the gang in just two minutes flat. He took a fucking bullet and didn't even flinch. He's like, either a ghost or a fucking demon.

Louis: Did he say something to you?

Jamie: Some shit about his tortures or some shit like that. He then stabbed me.

Louis: Did he say go to sleep?

Jamie: Yeah, he said it to Tony. Shit! Is Tony okay?

Louis: I believe everyone in that warehouse is now dead. You are the sole survivor.

Jamie: Shit man, now what do I do when I get out of here?

Louis: I would recommend keeping a low profile considering Jeff's persistent nature.

Jamie: Jeff, is that that fucker's name?

Louis: Yes. Listen Jamie, is there anything else you can tell me or is that it?

Jamie: I know the guy is fast.

Louis: I am aware of that. Take care Jamie.

Jamie: Hey man, don't fuck around with that guy. If my entire gang was taken down by him your a goner for sure.

Louis: Don't you think I know that?

[Louis walks out of the room. At Nelle's house, she is on her computer looking up Jeff The Killer. She see's a video about Jeff. She clicks in the video.]

News Anchor: Due to Jeff The Killer's activity in the San Frasisco, we have asked around to see people's view on the killer's presents within the city and to our surprise, Jeff apparently has a fandom. He is apparently very popular on the internet and there are several websites dedicated to the infamous killer.

Person On The Street #1: Yeah, I've heard of Jeff. He looks like a clown or something.

Person On The Street #2:[Being shown a picture of Jeff] [Sarcastically] Wow, sexy.

Person On The Street #3: Me and my friends freakin love this guy.

Person On The Street #4: Hey Jeff, can you kill my parents? Just kidding.

[Nelle write in her notes that Jeff has a fandom.]

News Anchor: In our research we have found an infamous video that's supposedly a recording of a victim of Jeff moments before she was killed. We warn you that this is very frightening footage and we are only allowed to show a part. The rest is too graphic to show to a general audience. Viewer discretion is advised.

[Nelle looks at the video closely. In the video a woman is entering her house. She notices the door is broken open.]

Woman: What the hell?

[The woman walks inside. She see's blood on the floor that leads up the stairs.]

Woman: Oh god.

[The woman attempts to call 9/11 but her phone line has been cut.]

Woman: Oh god, oh god, oh god.

[The woman turns to see Jeff behind her. He is wielding a bloody knife and a severed head. The severed head is blurred out.]

Jeff: Shhhhh, just go to sleep.

[Nelle gasps in shock. The camera cuts out.

News Anchor: It is unkown who taped the video or where the the house was, but it is known that it is the most clear taping of Jeff of so far.

[Nelle turns the computer off. She hears Max knock at the door. She answers the door.]

Nelle: Hey Max.

Max: Hey Nelle, didn't see you yesterday.

Nelle: I was just doing work.

[Max walks in.]

Max: It's about that Jeff guy isn't it?

Nelle: Yeah.

Max: Are you alright?

Nelle: Why shouldn't I be?

Max: It's just, I'm worried about you. This guy is supposedly worse then the Zodiac.

Nelle: Look Max, I'm fine. It's nothing I can handle.

Max: Well, alright. I've got to get back to work so......

Nelle: I understand. I'll see you after work, okay?

Max: Sure.

[Max walks away from Nelle's house. On the other side of the neighborhood, Mark is walking to his new house.]

Mark: 803, 804, 805, 806...... [He bumps into Jeff. Mark is unbeknownst that it is Jeff and thinks it is a average person in a white hoodie.]

Mark: Hey man, watch it.

[Mark continues on. Jeff looks back at Mark in anger before he continues walking.]
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