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[While N is unconscious from blood loss, he has a dream where he is at a video game store checking out a video game. The clerk approaches him.]

Store Clerk: Hey, your that kid who wrote those one short stories right?

N: Yeah. Are you one of my few fans?

Store Clerk: Few? Dude, you have a cult following for Christ sake. Your like, a celebrity?

N: Really?

[N walks out of the store and see's a large crowd cheering his name. He looks in contempt before he is woken up by a doctor.]

Doctor: Ah, Mr.... N is it?

N: Yeah. What about my name?

[N looks around and see's he is in a hospital.]

Doctor: Well, we were able to a save your hand, although you might want to take it easy for a while.

N: My hand? Oh, right. The magic bullet that..... yeah.

Doctor: Thank god your friend called 911 or else you could have bled to death.

N: [Sarcastically] Yeah, lucky I guess.

[Rigby and Thomas are watching Battleship.]

Thomas: Well, the effects are descent.

Rigby: [Unimpressed] Dude, this movie fucking blows.

Thomas: Yeah, but...... no, you know what, this does suck.

Rigby: At least we didn't have to pay for this one.

Thomas: Wanna see whats on Netflix?

Rigby: Better then watching the rest of this.

[At Nny's house, him and Pinkie Pie are sitting in his living room.]

Pinkie Pie: So Nny, I notice your house is all moldy.

Nny: It's a style. So Pinkie, shall we start this little shindig you have planned? That is what your cannon is for right?

Pinkie Pie: Of course, let me just......

Nny: Wait a second, do you want to see my collection?

Pinkie Pie: Oh sure, I love seeing my friend's collections.

Nny: So I'm your friend now huh? Even though we had our first real conversation today. Well, lets go look at that collection, shall we?

[Mordecai drives into Midland. At the Barnes & Nobles, the hostage situation is still taking place.]

Dan: Alright people, I'm done fucking around. Where are you keeping the special edition copies?

Stephenie Meyers: Look, I only came here to do autographs then present the special edition. I don't know where they stored it.

Cashier: I do.

[Everyone stares at the Cashier.]

Cashier: It's in the storage, the security code is 99174. For Christ sake, don't hurt me!

Octavio: Since you told us all you knew, you can walk out of here.

Cashier: Oh thank god.

[The cashier runs out of the Barnes & Nobles.]

Cashier: Hey, they let me.........

[The Swat open fire at the cashier, thinking he is a bomber.]

SWAT Commander: Hold your fire!

[The Cashier falls dead.]

SWAT Commander: Jesus Christ! You might have shot a civilian.

SWAT Member: He looked like a suicide bomber sir. He didn't have his arms over his head.

[The hostages are disturbed by what they have just witnessed.]

Dan: Octavio! What the hell did you do!

Octavio: He's the one who didn't raise his hands.

Dan: Hm, good point.

Octavio: Okay people, to the storage.

[Mordecai drives to the Barnes & Nobles. He gets out of the car and approaches the commander.]

Mordecai: Excuse me, but what's going on?

Swat Commander: Some terrorist are taking control of the book store. They have  are refusing to negociate.

Mordecai: What? You guys have to do something!

Swat Commander: We will, we just need to see what they want. Don't worry sir, the hostages are our number #1 priority.

[At Nny's house, Nny opens the door to his knife collection. Pinkie Pie is amazed at the variety of knifes.]

Nny: Look around, look around, feel free to touch any sharp poison dipped object you see.

[Pinkie Pie takes one of the knifes and observes it.]

Pinkie Pie: Your some collector Nny.

Nny: Yeah, yeah, I know.

[While Pinkie Pie is observing the wall of knifes, Nny takes a machete and approaches Pinkie. He attempts to stab her but she moves turns and sees him holding the machete at him.]

Pinkie Pie: Is that a giant knife?

Nny: Actually it's a machete.

[Pinkie Pie walks up to the katanas]

Pinkie Pie: Are these ninjas swords?

Nny: Actually, they are called katanas.

[Nny approaches Pinkie from behind as she grabs onto one of the katanas. He is about to stab her when she turns around holding the katana, accidently stabbing. He lets go of the hilt to grab onto his wound, resulting in the hilt of the falling machete hitting him over the head.]

Pinkie Pie: Oh my god, are you okay Nny?

Nny: Just a scrape, just a scrape. Go on.

Pinkie Pie: Hold on, I have a bandage near my party cannon.

[Pinkie Pie runs to the staircase. Nny grabs the machete and runs up to her in an attempt to stab her from behind. While he is running, Gummy appears at his feet and proceed to bite him.

Nny: [Tickled by Gummy's gums] What are you doing?

[Nny loses his balance while struggling with Gummy and crashes into one of the walls, causing the knifes on the wall to fall on him.]

Pinkie Pie: Nny? [Looks in shock at Nny] Well, a bandage defiantly isn't going to fix that. I'll call the hospital.

Nny: Sounds good.

[Dan enters the code to the storage room. They then enter the storage room.]

Octavio: Okay people, find the special edition and burn it. I have police to talk to.

Dan: You have to admit, this was a good plan.

Octavio: I know right? Alright, let's get the pigs on the phone.

[The SWAT Commander is observing the facility with Mordecai next to him.]

SWAT Commander: Any time now.

Mordecai: [Worried] Are you sure you can't do anything? I know someone in there.

SWAT Member: Sir, the leader of the criminals is on the phone.

Octavio: [On phone] We found what we were looking for. Now, the hostages will be released. But first you must promise not to pursue, or else we will kill. Do you understand?

SWAT Commander: We will do anything for the hostages. We will let you go, but you will be pursued once you leave town.

Octavio: Me and my boys can live with that.

[Octavio hangs up the phone.]

Octavio: Burn them.

[His men set the special edition Twilight books on fire.]

Mabel: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know what? Even though you guys took us hostage and threatened to kill some of us over a book, I still did get to see Stephenie Meyers, even if she was having a gun pointed to her head.

Margaret: So, will you guys let us go now?

Octavio: Sure.

[Dan and Octavio approach the entrance. They see several units of SWAT surrounding the building.]

Dan: Well Octavio, we burned the books and possibly scared Stephenie Meyers out of writing, yet the moment we exit that door, we're going to prison. Do you think it was worth it?

Octavio: Don't know. I'm gonna lose my ability to remember once I'm getting beaten mercilessly with police batons.

[They both exit the door and raise their hands over their heads. The hostages are escorted out of the building. SWAT approach Dan and the others and throw flash bangs at them as the hostages run out to the drive way.]

Dan: [Getting beaten by the SWAT members] Oh fuck! That hurts!

[Nny wakes up in the Clare hospital. He see's Pinkie Pie at his side.]

Nny: Great, you again.

Pinkie Pie: Hey Nny. Sorry for what happened.

Nny: It's fine. This isn't the first time this has happened. Except it usually happens on purpose.

Pinkie Pie: So, you still want to have a party?

Nny: Do I look like I want to have a party right now?

Pinkie Pie: Privacy, right. Can we at least keep in touch?

Nny: Yeah.

[Pinkie Pie walks out of the room. Nny looks at the ceiling while monologuing.]

Nny: Soon Pinkie, soon my knife will will infiltrate your heart and as you scream your last dying breath, I will twist the knife more and more. As the river of blood covers my boots, I will have succeeded in my vengeance. Yes Pinkie Pie, you will soon fall as the rest. It will not be a sign of relief to those you present as a nuisance, but whether a sign of relief to me, knowing that your blood will paint the wall nicely.

[As the last of Octavio's men are taken away to jail, Mordecai meets the shaken Margaret.]

Mordecai: Margaret! Are you alright?

Margaret: Despite being held hostage by anti Twilight terrorist, I'm fine.

Mordecai: You sure? You look pretty shaken up.

Margaret: It could have been worse.

Mordecai: Yeah. So, do you want me to drive you back?

Margaret: Thanks, but I think I'll drive home myself.

Mordecai: That's cool.

Margaret: I'm getting tomorrow off, maybe I'll give you a call.

Mordecai: Okay, can't wait.

[Mordecai watches as Margaret walks away. Mabel and her friends enter Stan's car.]

Grunkle Stan: So, how was your vampire signing?

Mabel: Well, the place got held hostage but either then that, it was exciting.

Grunkle Stan: That's great. I blew eighty dollars in just two hours. That was my day in general. [As they drive away] Freakin town.

At N's hospital room, N is staring at the ceiling at night.]

N: Maybe I'll never know what happened. I think what bothers me most is why doesn't Marceline want me to know? Did I have something to do about it? I'll get out in a few days, thus I will continue my search. I am N, this was another chapter of my story.

[Mordecai gets home and see's Rigby lying on the couch.]

Mordecai: Hey man, how was the movie?

Rigby: Worst.

Mordecai: Told ya.

Rigby: Stop talking.

Well, I finally finished this one. Next episode

N attempts to discover what happened while a slender figure haunts Clare, Michigan.

Mordecai, Rigby, and Margaret are from Regular Show

Mabel and Stan are from Gravity Falls

Pinkie Pie is from MLP FIM

Nny is from JTHM

Dan is from Dan vs.

N belongs to me
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