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[N wakes up on the bench. He notices the playground castle is on fire.]

N: What the fuck?

[N hears police sirens. He gets up from the bench and walks away from the scene. At The Park, Mordecai and Rigby are raking leaves. Rigby is impatient.]

Rigby: Hey man, how long until break?

Mordecai: About two hours.

Rigby: Two more hours? Two more hours? Fuck!

Mordecai: Just do your work dude, time will go by faster.

Rigby: Fine. [Rigby attempts to do his work. He gets frustrated.]

Mordecai: Dude, it'll still be there when we get there.

Rigby: [Sarcastically] Sure it will.

Mordecai: Dude, you think anyone is really going to buy that crap movie?

Rigby: It's like Green Lantern. It's bad, but people are still going to see it.

Mordecai: Whatever dude.

Rigby: Hey, you saw Green Lantern before I did.

Mordecai: Yeah, and I still feel dirty about it even to this day.

[At Gate-Way, Nny is holding a prisoner at his house. The female prisoner has duct tape over her mouth. She is tied to a chair.]

Nny: Why hello there. I may not know your name, but I do know that you called by hair "so ninety's". Well, you see this apple? [Nny puts an apple on the counter] This is you. This knife is me. [Nny puts a knife into the apple. The female victim screams in horror. Nny gets out a hacksaw] Now the fun can begin!

[Nny laughs evilly as he approaches her with the hacksaw. He then hears his doorbell ringing.]

Nny: Um, excuse me.

[Nny answers the door and see's Pinkie Pie standing there.]

Nny: Hello, how can I help you?

Pinkie Pie: Hi Nny, it's me Pinkie.

Nny: Oh yes, your that cheerful girl from down the street. What do you want?

Pinkie Pie: It's just that last night I was on your Twitter and.......

Nny: Wait, my facebook?

Pinkie Pie: Yes, I noticed you draw a lot of stick figures.

Nny: You mean Happy Noodle Boy? He's popular with insane people like my followers. But tell me Pinkie, why do you care about my Twitter? [Nny is hiding a knife behind his back]

Pinkie Pie: It's just, you seem depressed. As you know it's my life's goal to make everyone around me happy.

Nny: [He is about to pull out his knife when he hears his victim screaming for help] Shit.

Pinkie Pie: What was that?

Nny: Nothing. Listen, my emotions are none of your business. Take my advice and don't get involved.

[Nny slams the door.]

Pinkie Pie: So, you want to play it the hard way, huh? I can do it the hard way.

[N enters his house. He takes a tum and then goes into his office. He finds a note on his computer. N reads the note.]

The note reads: Hey N, that was an awesome fire last night. Listen, if your wondering what happened and where your camera's at, I don't think you'd want to know that. Trust me, you just don't.


P.S. Did you know the bitch who wrote Twilight and ruined vampires is coming to Midland? I'm defiantly looking forward to being surrounded by freaks who are obsessed with sparkling vampires.

N: [Talking to himself] Marceline. You'll have the answers.

[N walks outside. He see's Dan driving by. N stops Dan's car.]

N: Hey Dan, where are you going.

Dan: Midland.

N: That's quite a coincident, that's where I'm heading. Can you give me a ride?

Dan: Sorry, there's not enough room.

[N looks inside the car and see's boxes stacked up in the back.]

N: Can't I at least sit in the front?

Dan: Sorry, that's where Mr. Mumbles is sitting.

[Mr. Mumbles is seen lying on the front seat.]

N: I see. Well, have fun at Midland.

[Dan drives away. N see's Mabel and her friends Grenda and Candy Chiu.]

Candy: I can't believe we're going to meet Stephenie Meyers.

Grenda: When I meet Stephenie, I'm going to tell her how much of an influence she has left on my life.

[They all squee. Grunkle Stan walks up to them.]

Grunkle Stan: Can't believe I'm going to miss wrestling for this. Alright girls, we have till four to get there. If we get on the road now we might be able to get there before the line up stretches the block.

N: Hey guys.

Mabel: Hey N.

Grendal: Isn't this that writer guy you hang around with?

N: Hey Mabel, are you going somewhere?

Mabel: We're going to Midland to meet Stephenie Meyers, the writer of.......

N: Twilight, yeah I know. I work in the same company as her.

Candy: Wait, you work with Stephenie Meyers?

N: No, I do write short stories for the people who publish her though.

Grendal: Oh yeah, you wrote that one story that got in the newspaper about that kid who lost his dog and found it ran over. That was a sad story.

N: Hey Mabel, I have to go to Midland also. Can I tag along?

Mabel: Sure N, what for?

N: Well, I have someone I have to talk to personally. That's all I can say.

[Stan honks the horn]

Grunkel Stan: Come on, lets get a move on before the line stretches too long.

[Dan is driving to Midland, he gets a call from Octavio]

Dan: [On the phone] Hey Octavio, is everything ready?

Octavio: Yo man, me and the boy are ready for anything.

Dan: Great, tried to call Chris but he and Eilese are on their second honeymoon.

Octavio: Yo, you got the shipment?

Dan: All loaded.

Octavio: Yo man, we're gonna make that bitch pay for what she did.

Dan: Yes, yes. I can't wait myself Octavio.

[Ocravio hangs up.]

Dan: We'll make her pay won't we Mr. Mumbles?

[Mr. Mumbles purrs. Dan looks at a Twilight book he has near the pedal.]

Dan: It ends now, it all ends now.
Yes, this does touch on the theme of Twilight. It also touches on the theme of Battle Ship. The who point of this story is showing N interacting with nocturnal friends of his and showing his relationship with them in the daylight while also adding interaction between the characters. PS Yes, I hate Twilight.

Nny belongs to Jhohen Vasquez

Mabel Pines and Huskel Stan along with her friends belongs to Alex Hirsch

Mordecai and Rigby belong to JQ Quintel

Marceline belongs to Pendleton Ward

Dan belongs to Dan Mandal

Pinkie Pie belongs to Lauren Faust

and N belongs to me Nbbren
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