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October 2, 2012
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[N enters his house and enters his room. He enters his office room and gets out his camera.]

N: [Recording] Hey individuals who may or may not one day see this tape. Today is a somewhat a slow day. Once again Mordo and Rigbone, yes that is their nicknames, are pretending as if I am invisible. Don't blame them as by voice sounds like a scraping of a British recording. Norbert is attempting to no avail to get into the panties of a tree hugging liberal. Rocko is at his work, that leaves me alone on my own. I guess I'm used to it by now.

[At the Seven Eleven, Rocko is sitting at the front desk, doing his job at as a cashier when a group of robbers approach him.]

Rocko: Welcome to Seven Eleven. How can I help you?

Robber: [Points the gun at Rocko] Yeah, open the fuckin register you Australian shit!

Rocko: [Scared] Um, is this a joke or..........

Robber: Look into my eyes, do I look like I'm fucking kidding?

Rocko: Okay, okay, I'll just.........

Robber: Just do it!

[Mordecai and Rigby are walking through uptown Clare, passing the Seven Eleven not noticing the robbery taking place. Rigby notices the local Wendys has updated it's sign.]

Rigby: Huh, never noticed that before.

Mordecai: Hey, did N say something about Rocko getting a new job?

Rigby: I don't know. I barely understand a word he says.

Mordecai: [The robbers are seen in the background running away with the money. Rocko is seen exiting the store.] He did have ear surgery when he was little.

[Rocko walks up to them.]

Mordecai: Oh hey Rocko. We were just talking about you. How's the new job.

Rocko: [Shocked] Well, it's fine.

[At the lake, Tree Flower and Norbert are picking up trash.]

Tree Flower: Can you believe these conservative who just dump this shit in a public lake?

Norbert: No I cannot.

Tree Flower: So Norbert, we've known each other for a while and I was wondering if you would............

Norbert: [In his head] Oh yeah, she's totally asking me out.

Tree Flower: Are you going to that block on Elm Street?

Norbert: Wait, block party?

Tree Flower: Yeah, just heard about it yesterday.

Norbert: Um, sure.

Tree Flower: Great. See you there.

[Tree Flower goes to the other side of the lake.]

Norbert: Ah ya.

[Mordecai and Rigby are at examining the damage done by the robbers.]

Mordecai: Dude, your boss is going to kill you.

Rocko: Look at the bright side, no one got hurt.

Mordecai: Dude, are you kidding me? We have to report this.

Rocko: Alright, alright. I'll try to call someone. Find it pointless as the most damage was a open cash register and a fucking broken window but okay.

[A teenage boy approaches Rigby.]

Teenage Boy: Shit man, someone get robbed?

Rigby: Yes, my friend on his first day of work.  

Teenage Boy: Well look man, I'm here sending out invites to the local block pary on Elm tonight.

Rigby: Block Party?

Teenage Boy: Yeah. They'll be like free beer and drugs and all that other shit we're told by the man could give us brain damage. Your invited because you seem hip.

Rigby: Wait, is the beer free?

Teenage Boy: Beer, drugs, sex, all free man.

Rigby: That sounds AWESOME.

Teenage Boy: Party starts at 9 but if you want to come early that's your bis man.

[The teenage boy gives Rigby a invite that details the block party. He then walks away. Rigby enters the Seven Eleven where Rocko is calling 911 with Mordecai watching.]

Rocko: [On the phone] Yes, they took everything in the register. Around 90 dollars in cash.

Rigby: Dudes, look at this.

Mordecai: Not right now, were calling the cops about the robbery.

Rigby: But dude, listen, there's going to be a block party on Elm Street tonight.

Mordecai: Really Rigby? You want us to stop focusing on this robbery of Rocko's work place for a fucking party?

Rigby: But this party has free liquor.

Mordecai: That...... actually sounds nice, but I still think this should come first.

Rocko: [On phone] Alright, by. [hangs up the phone.] Okay, they're sending someone.

Mordecai: It's alright dude. It could have happened to anyone.

Rigby: Yeah, It'll be alright man.

Rocko: [Sarcastically] Sure it will.

[N is at the a local superstore's parking lot, recording everything he sees.]

N: And here is the parking structure of this capitalist sezz pool. Why am I here? Because I'm boring as hell.

Mabel Pines: Hey N.

[N turns the camera to Mabel.]

N: Hey Mabel, what are you doing here?

Mabel: I don't know. Why are you recording alone? Did everyone else ignoring you again so you find the need to be a video recording loner of a rural town?

N: [Lie] Um, no.

[N sees Edd exiting the store. He is carrying a plastic bag filled with canned foods.]

N: [Running up towards Double D.] Hey Double D.

Edd: Um, hello N. Nice to see you are embracing your hobby.

N: Yeah.

Mabel: He's really just a bit upset by the people around him ignoring him for his monotone voice.

N: You know what, whats the point of hiding it? Yes, I hate my fucking voice.

Edd: Well thats nice to know N. I have to put this stuff away and.........

Mabel: By the way, did you guys hear about that block party on Elm Street tonight?

Edd: Block party?

N: I have.

Mabel: I'm looking forward to it. I think you should go N, it might help you get over your self loathing.

N: Know what, I will. What about you Double D?

Double D: I should go.

N: I understand.
Well, I am now officially adding more realism to this fic. Note that these characters are not cannonly human but I want to explore both their interaction within the real world as well as N's everlasting tortured mind.

In the endearment, all that is escalates to is more anarchy within the small Michigan town of Clare.

Mordecai and Rigby belong to JQ Quintel

Rocko belongs to Joe Murray

Norbert and Tree flower belong to the guy who made Angry Beavers.

N belongs to me.
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ooitsroo Jan 29, 2013
I thought N was from Pokemon Black & White. So you should have said "N belongs to Nintendo".
Nbbren Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
N is an OC

I am aware of the pokemon N though
ooitsroo Jan 29, 2013
DarthWill3 Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Bad luck, Rocko.
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